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Everyone wants to be successful. But what does it really take to become successful? If you asked 40 people how they became successful you’ll get 40 different answers. We wanted to inspire you, our readers in our second edition. So we asked 40 rising Canadian artists for their sage advice on how to become successful in  show business. 

The magazine is on shelves in over 200 Chapters/Indigo/Coles stores across Canada and I’m Here With is available to readers and advertisers for a full year! We can also be viewed digitally on Mag Cloud and Blurb. Currently we are working on our third edition for the following year so we can support more of you!


In this issue, we’ve also decided to change up a few things since our premier publication last May. One of the biggest changes has been our ability to expand our editorial and production teams. For our From the Hart Issue – we are proud to feature Bret ‘the Hitman’ Hart who is a Canadian legend and best known for his world-wide wrestling championship successes. He inspired our spread done by Kevin Stenhouse Photography for, Sage Advice From The Heart. We first met Mr. Hart at the Field of Dreams event back in the summer of 2017, courtesy of Angie Shilliday. What many of his fans don’t know is that outside the ring he has a secret passion that many of us share, read on page 46.  On our double cover for this issue is the gorgeous Lesia Bear, a Cree Elder. It was a coincidence that back in May of 2017 we chose Lesia. She taught us about the Canadian 150th reconciliation of The First Nations People. While you may not know of her, you should. Much more than her jaw-dropping good looks, she has been part of the film and television industry in Vancouver and Alberta for over 35 years! Discover what working in the screen industry has taught Lesia and what she has to reveal about her newest and biggest projects – her first feature films and upcoming children's book, read on page 20.

One of the hallmarks of I’m Here With Magazine is our photographs. To present you with elegant pictures we need not only interesting subjects, but also talented photographers with extraordinary vision. Lucky for us, we have them! Calgary’s own Kevin Stenhouse was behind the lens for our covers of Bret Hart and Lesia Bear, as well the portrait spread. Kevin brings his unique style of portraiture to this issue. The images were shot over three days at his downtown Calgary studio, with over 40 people taking part. We are also proud to have Andras Schram as one of our staple photographers who was responsible for our premier issue with cover star Benjamin Ross Hayden and the late Calgary actor Allan Stickel. We are thrilled  to publish for a second time the works of Rafal Wegiel and Edward Ross Photography.  

For our next issue, we will be expanding distribution and including more Vancouver, Toronto and L.A  talent, to ‘uncover and discover’ more amazing new rising stars. We are also publishing the spread of Sage Advice From The Heart into a calendar and book. Stay tuned on our social media for more updates coming out this new year! 

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