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You can see Kevin on Netflix in Hell On Wheels, The Northlander on ATPN, Wynonna Earp as Lord Bondicus, Heartland (2014) on Netflix as a Poacher, Marauder (Short), The Great Fear, (2012) The Dead Mille,  (1993) Stay Lucky (TV Series) and February's Dog coming soon!


February's Dog Directed by Candace Gonzalez and created by Paul J. Chinook, will be in Alberta theatres this year. Stay tuned for the trailer.

February’s Dog takes place in Alberta in modern time and is set against the beautiful and iconic backdrop of the Canadian Rocky Mountains under a shroud of winter snow.

Paul J. Chinook as (Dale Walters Writer / Producer), also starring Kevin Davey as Nigel Loggins

It follows 2 uniquely different, yet typical men. Dale Walters (Paul J. Chinook) is a very charismatic and lighthearted man that works hard to enjoy a life of adventure and excitement. Nigel Loggins (Kevin Davey) is a military veteran that is quiet and calculated in his approach towards life. The film opens with these two men as they are finishing up work on a Friday. They get called into the office at the end of the day and are laid off by their boss Arthur Newbury; a very clean cut, to the point, middle aged manager. They are told abruptly by Arthur that this is just temporary, and that they will be back at work in 3 months as soon as market oil prices recover. Dale and Nigel leave and begin their own unique journeys in the world of unemployment. The Alberta economy turns very bad and the downturn lasts longer than anyone anticipated.

Dale and his wife Emily Walters live out in the country on a beautiful property. Emily is the brains of the family and takes great joy in caring for her manchild Dale when she is not verbally sparring with him with her comically sharp wit. They have worked hard and played hard in the past to achieve and maintain the lifestyle of their dreams complete with trips and toys. Dale continues to enjoy his days drinking and amusing himself with projects around their place until work calls him back while Emily continues to work long days at the hospital as a nurse.


The filming locations that they selected was West of the City of Calgary for some of the outdoor scenes. Paul had selected these locations for the stunning Rocky Mountain vistas, rolling hills, and beautifully diverse landscape they provide. They have other scenes that will be shot South of Okotoks that will provide an idyllic landscape of crop land with the Rockies to celebrate the majestic diversity Alberta can offer even within a very small range.

A log home on a private ranch serves as Dale and Emily’s residence. The home on this location is fantastic for filming as the deep rich natural colours within the log home provide a perfect backdrop while the open floor plan is ideal memorable film shots.

Paul J. Chinook as (Dale Walters Writer / Producer), also starring Kevin Davey as Nigel Loggins

February's Dog's cast is made up of veteran Alberta actors that have signed up for this project because of their desire to participate in getting this films message out about depression and mental health that have impacted all of their own personal lives. The actors playing Dale Walters and Nigel Loggins are both highly recognizable professional actors with extensive experience in television and film in Canadian and American productions. The lovely and talented young actress playing Emily has recently returned from acting lessons and networking in Los Angeles and has an impressive body of work completed to date. We are incredibly blessed to have gotten her to sign on as she is on the verge of a major breakthrough in the industry.

This film is like none other that audiences have seen before. It starts off light and comical and proceeds at a break neck pace through chaos and turmoil and will expose the audience to a complete and thorough roller coaster of emotions. We watch noble men stumble and fall, we are unexpectedly blindsided with unseen catastrophes, darkness washes out the light, lives are altered painfully and permanently right before our very eyes. This film will leave the viewer with thoughts and feelings that will require them to process. This film will spark meaningful conversations about mental health. This film will create an impact from which valuable support for those in our world that are going through what the film depicts. Numerous mental health experts have reviewed the script of the film and have verified the truthful depiction of depression and stress and the alarmingly rising toll they are taking on a growing number in our society.

Paul J. Chinook as (Dale Walters Writer / Producer), also starring Kevin Davey as Nigel Loggins, and Quinn Teechma as Emily Walters.

Tell us about your role in February's Dog

I play the role of Nigel Loggins. He's best friends with Dale (Paul J. Chinook), he's an ex-military Brit, he has his head screwed on right, and he's a kind-hearted logical thinker.

What was your first feeling about your character when reading the script?! 

I really felt it was going to be a good fit for me, and hopefully I was able to bring the character of Nigel Loggins to life.

What was your experience on set like?

I always enjoy being on set, and if the subject matter is pretty heavy, I'm usually the guy who's trying to raise everyone's spirits so that the heaviness of the role doesn't affect anyone too negatively for too long - if that makes sense.  I'm not sure if everyone appreciates that about me, but it's just who I am. I try to remain as happy, upbeat and positive as possible, no matter what - because none of us want to end up like certain actors who have been affected negatively by the roles they've taken on - and I'm sure everyone knows who I'm referring to. 

What do you think audiences will think of the film?

We're trying to send a very important message with this film, and I'm sure I speak for everyone involved when I say, whether people literally enjoy the film or not, I hope they understand and value the message behind it. 

What is your advice for new artists/actors?

Never stop chasing your dream. If you do not quit, you cannot fail, because you will either succeed, or die trying.  Remember, winners never quit, and quitters never win.


What hobby do you have that you think helped you with your role?!  

I'm a high-level martial arts instructor, and I believe that gives me the discipline and determination to hopefully make this role - and any others I take on - believable. 

What actors are you inspired by? 

I'm inspired by actors who can be diverse.  If I had to pick out one specific actor, I think I'd probably say Tom Hardy.

Jose Luis Gonzalez Cinematographer with stars KEVIN DAVEY AND PAUL J. CHINOOK

When did you first get into film?

I'm a carpenter by trade, but I tragically lost my wife in 2008. This caused me to re-evaluate my life, and made me realize that life is too short not to chase your dream. I'd always wanted to act, but up until then I never had the courage or the opportunity to do so.  But after that tragedy, I made a point of going after it.

What do you have coming up for 2020 in your life/career?!

The thing about being an actor, is that you never know when the next role will come your way. At this moment in time, I have nothing carved in stone - but that could literally all change with a phone call or an email.

What are your other passions in life?

My other two main passions are my children and martial arts. I've been training in martial arts for over 45 years, and have been teaching for over 30. I hold a 4th degree black belt in karate, and also a 4th degree black belt in Jiu-Jitsu, and I absolutely love teaching.

What do you do when you're not acting?

I love spending time with my children, I love spending time with friends, I love going to the movies, and I also enjoy target shooting (I have my restricted and non-restricted firearms license, which often comes in very handy on set).

What is your social media for fans to follow you?

Twitter - @kevindavey2014 

Instagram - davey_kevin


Starring and created by Paul J. Chinook as (Dale Walters Writer/Producer), also starring Kevin Davey as Nigel Loggins, Quinn Teechma as Emily Walters, Doug Wilson as Arthur Newbury, William Webster as Jedd Wilson, Sarah Wheeldon as Kate Carter, Jill Maria as the Store Clerk, Sheridan Peirens as Tamara, Dan McDougall as Pastor Frank, Felipe Paredes as Jimmy Walters, Scott Dumas as Fertility Doctor, Stephanie Wilson as Marv’s Diner Waitress and Marianne Hutchings as Nurse Jean.

Production: Jose Luis Gonzalez Cinematographer, Directed by Candace Gonzalez and LnC STYLE as the 1st AD. Paul De Toit Schreve Sound Technician, Camera Operator Derek Wilder and Mardell Chinook Executive Producer.






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