Calgary Film Festival 2017

Updated: Aug 12, 2019

From the red carpet at the opening gala to the final after-party, this year again saw tens of thousands of movie fans descend on downtown for 12 days of film fandom. October 2017 was another record-breaking year for the Calgary International Film Festival with over 40,000 fans in attendance.

Joe Novak, President and Steve Schroeder, Executive Director of the Calgary International Film Festival 2017.


Photos courtesy of Calgary Film and 403K Films.

Michelle Thrush of Blackstone and The Northlander and more with Melissa O'Neil.

Logan Staats, When They Awake Artist and CTV'S The Launch.

Calgary Film's Executive Director Steve Schroeder and Programming Manager Brenda Lieberman are all smiles during their walk down the carpet.

Gene Braverock Star in Wonder Woman.

Jason Jones of The Detour and CBC's Kim's Convenience Andrew Phung on the red carpet of the Calgary Film Fest in Oct. 2017.

Film Directors are P.J. Marcellino and Hermon Farahi.

Louie Goose and Leanne Goose.

Curt Young Artist in When They Awake.

Jb the FirstLady When They Awake Artist

Erin O'Connor, Mike Shields and Guests

Forrest Eaglespeaker

Everfall Cast and Crew with John Kissack and Jayson Therrien

No Roads film with the Blake Reid Band.

Ice Blue film Cast & Crew.

Cast of Kim's Convince on CBC.

Mayor Nenish of Calgary

Carolyn Bridget Kennedy and her husband Richard.

Calgary Film Publicist Tiffany Burns and guest 0007 Charity Events Jeff Wilkie.

R- Chad Oaks Producer with Guests at the Calgary Film Festival private party.

Actress from La La Land.

Rondel Roberts Band

Actress Sheila Kruger by Lee Ellis

L- Stephanie and Bret Hart.

403K Films.

Lesia T. Bear and Bret Hart

Rebecca Zahn, Kendra Soothsayr and Zoe Slusa R.

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