David Oulton Tests Negative For COVID-19 Following Mexico Holiday

Actor and talk show host David Oulton revealed on social media he has tested negative for COVID-19 following his recent luxury vacation to Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. The Face to Face with David host shared an image from Alberta Health Services showing his negative status after returning to Calgary on New Year’s Eve.

The 27-year-old star of The Agreement spent the holidays at the luxury Platinum Yucatan Princess resort outside of Playa Del Carmen. The property boasts three resorts within one, with Oulton residing in the Presidential Suite for the duration of his time. The all-inclusive destination features a secluded beach, multiple pools with swim-up bars, free-standing oval tubs in the guest suites, several restaurants with varying cuisines, on-call concierge and butler service, and many additional amenities.

While it is believed the television star and business owner traveled alone, he shared snaps with his 100,000+ followers of himself with fellow guests. He was quick to confirm that all guests were following COVID safety protocols and recommended social distancing guidelines. It is unknown if there is any relationship between the notoriously private Canadian media personality, or if they met beachside.

Upon his return to Calgary, Oulton praised the Mexican resort, as well as WestJet – with whom he returned on a business class flight – for their safety measures in place and how effective they were.

Taking part in the Alberta Border Pilot program, which allows returning visitors to leave the mandatory 14-day quarantine early if they test negative, the Guns of Purgatory actor shared a message from Alberta Health Services confirming he had received a negative COVID test.

DAVID on Run With It

David Oulton, Actor and TV Host of Face to Face with David 1,597 views Nov 16, 2020

Actor and Realtor David Oulton talk about his new show Face to Face with David airing on Amazon Prime. David interviews his guests in his Versace housecoat he wants to help viewers get through Covid-19 with a smile and a nice glass of wine. Filming his guests at home has made the show a lot more personal and intimate as you get to see where his guests live, and a glimpse into their home life. His dog Chloe makes a guest appearance.

David Oulton interviews Vanessa Williams on his show, Face to Face with David. Photo submitted.jpg

Face to Face with David premiered on Amazon Prime Video in mid-July in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, and Japan. So far, it has not aired in Canada, although Oulton suspects that will change soon as he is in talks with various outfits about Canadian distribution.

Season 2 has relocated from Oulton’s home to the elegant backdrop of downtown Calgary’s Fairmont Palliser Hotel. But the format is the same: Oulton, wearing a Versace housecoat and usually sipping a glass of wine, has a virtual chat with various celebs.

Now Streaming on Amazon Prime Video


Face to Face with David is an all-new talk show hosted by David Oulton. In each episode, he chats with guests from the worlds of entertainment, media, business, and politics. Sipping red wine and occasionally joined by his German shepherd, Khloe, David’s guests share advice, anecdotes, jokes, and more all from the comfort of their own homes - or even on set.


Face to Face with David is available now on Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV, and Google Play.

To watch in the United States, please click here.

To watch in the United Kingdom, please click here.

The series is coming soon to Canada, Australia, and several other territories.


Season one features a hilarious lineup of familiar faces including Carson Kressley, Perez Hilton, Vernee Watson, Lawrence Pressman, Daniel Maguire, Valorie Hubbard, Debra DiGiovanni, and many more. For a list of all the guests featured on season one, please click here.

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