Glam N' Go With Jenna Nicole Is Now In LA

Updated: Nov 24, 2018


Photo courtesy Nathan Elson Photography

Jenna Nicole is the co-founder and owner of Glam N’ Go, in Calgary and travels all over Canada and the U.S.A to do makeup for Famous Fitness Models!

Jenna’s love and interest in makeup artistry began long before her career in makeup did. Belonging to a family dominated by women, Jenna often used her two sisters’ as her models trying out new trending looks and perfecting her technique with the desire of one day making her dreams to become a makeup artist a reality. Having worked throughout the years on countless runway shows and fashion events, applying makeup on professional models, contracting out of salons and working for high end makeup lines, Jenna couldn’t be happier. Her passion is not only for creating and transforming “glam” and wedding looks, but she also enjoys the gory and special effects side of the beauty industry, making her one to be sought after for Halloween. She has been said to be the Megan Fox look-a-like of Calgary!

Jenna’s salon that comes to you is unique in Calgary! The idea of her mobile beauty bus has made Jenna’s life easier, let alone her clients lives easier. By adding this amazing convenience factor to the beauty industry, all while making women look and feel their best while taking away the stress of going to and from a salon on their big day. It’s simply a dream come true and just proves if you work hard enough no dream or idea is too big.This very simple idea has taken the Alberta wedding industry by storm this season, having just launched early this year her beauty bar has grown to a team of talented hair stylists and makeup artists and have completed over 75 weddings to date! She has also been on Shaw TV Calgary with her beauty bus.

Aside from her makeup business Jenna Nicole is her own brand soon to be launching her own unique makeup line in 2017. Jenna is really excited about adding her secret beauty ingredients to her own formulated line, and has customize all her favorite colors to share with all of us.

“My “why” has always been my son Joshua, I was a young single teen mom wondering where our next meal was going to come from, or how I was going to budget to get diapers for the next week. I also love to giveback to the community whenever I can, If I’m not working or spending time with my son you can usually find me out at charity Galas supporting great causes and helping to bring awareness to the cause at hand”, says Jenna.

📸Photography by the lovely @alanamarieephotography
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