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Heartland Season 12 Season Finale is April 7th On CBC

Updated: Apr 4, 2019

Heartland Series Photos by Andrew Bako, courtesy of CBC.

Season 12 of HEARTLAND sees the Bartlett-Fleming clan dealing with day-to-day challenges and pursuing forgotten dreams. Their strength will be tested as they face personal struggles and look to one another for guidance and support.

Heartland Season finale 12 airs Sundays at 7/7:30! Watch Heartland Sundays on CBC Television and stream it on CBC Gem!

The season opens with Amy (AMBER MARSHALL) and Ty (GRAHAM WARDLE) trying to balance life with their toddler and perpetually busy schedules. Realizing a long-time goal of working together turns out

to be the solution, even though the decision presents inevitable ups and downs. When a newcomer

unexpectedly arrives at Heartland, Amy and Ty are confronted with a difficult choice that could change

their family forever.

Meanwhile, Georgie (ALISHA NEWTON) enlists a new coach and faces immense pressure to reach the

next level, causing her to make challenging sacrifices. In order to support her daughter, Lou (MICHELLE MORGAN) makes a decision about her expanding business in NYC. But when she discovers an old flame

has moved on, she may regret her choice.When a troubling family situation takes Lisa (JESSICA STEEN) abroad, she and Jack (SHAUN JOHNSTON) confront problems in their relationship. Then, as devastating news is delivered regarding an old friend, Jack’s resilience is tested even further. All the while, Tim (CHRIS POTTER) is making drastic life changes that lead to a further rift between him and Jack.

Season 12 takes each member of the HEARTLAND family on an unforgettable journey.

A CBC original series, HEARTLAND is produced by Seven24 Films and Dynamo Films, and stars Amber

Marshall, Michelle Morgan, Graham Wardle, Chris Potter, Shaun Johnston and Alisha Newton.

Produced by Dean Bennett, HEARTLAND's executive producers are Heather Conkie, Jordy Randall, Tom Cox and Michael Weinberg. The writers are Heather Conkie, Mark Haroun, Ken Craw, Pamela Pinch and Alexandra Clarke. The costume designer is Andre Ricard, music composer Keith Power, supervising

picture editor Ken Filewych and picture editors Kathy Weinkauf and Jerry Skibinsky. The production

designer is Trevor Smith, director of photography Jarrett Craig and the directors are Chris Potter, Megan

Follows, Pierre Tremblay, Ken Filewych, Rachel Leiterman, Eleanore Lindo and Dean Bennett. For CBC,

Sally Catto is General Manager, Programming; Helen Asimakis is Senior Director, Scripted Content; and

Melanie Hadley is Executive in Charge of Production.

Beloved Shaun Johnston plays Jack Bartlett on Heartland for 12 seasons. Photos by Andrew Bako, courtesy of CBC.

Shaun defines his own work by his goals, and models his development as an actor after one of his favorite films, The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance. Shaun says, “In demonstrating the codes of commitment and honor, this film inspires one to be, simply, a good man.” 

Shaun was born and raised in Ponoka, about an hour south of Edmonton, where he earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in the University of Alberta's acclaimed drama program. 

Johnston's first work as a professional was in Alberta's thriving theatre scene. In 1993, he played his first lead in a feature film as a loose-living biker in William Hornecker's tragic drama, Two Brothers a Girl and a Gun. That role won him the first of several Alberta Film & Television Awards for best actor. Numerous film and television parts followed in both Canada and the U.S. including X-Files, Jake and the Kid, Smallville, Traders, DaVinci’s Inquest, the Gemini Award winning Mayerthorpe and Emmy Award winning Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee

In 2007 Shaun took on the role of Jack Bartlett and received a Gemini nomination for his work on HEARTLAND's first season. 

An actor who incarnates a North American western archetype, Johnston would have been at home in Gary Cooper, John Wayne and Glenn Ford pictures of other eras. Reassuringly old school, his Jack Bartlett stands for home, honesty, and uncomplaining acceptance of whatever cards life hands him. 

Off-screen, Johnston is an avid hockey player and guitar player who co-founded Shadow Theatre, currently one of Edmonton’s most successful theatre companies. He's an avid Charitable Event Producer having raised funds and awareness for organizations such Big Brothers Big Sisters, Children's Cottage Society and Autism Calgary. In 2011, Shaun was honoured to receive the David Billington Award, presented annually to an Albertan who has made an invaluable contribution to Alberta’s production community with their passion and dedication.

Also Starring Michelle Morgan, Chris Potter, Graham Wardle, Alisha Newton , Jessica Steen

and Shaun Johnston.

Amber Marshall plays iconic Amy Fleming in Heartland and is amazing this new season! She is so relatable and she is an example to women to work hard, love their family and to do the right thing always! Her character is so sweet and caring about keeping her family close, it had us in tears. - I'm Here With

Watch Heartland on CBC Sundays at 7/7:30pm ONT.

There has been so much going on in the world of Heartland lately, both on the screen and off.  This Sunday is the finale of Season 12, we recently found out that Heartland is renewed for a 13th season (more info on that coming soon!), and Hudson, the digital original series set in the world of Heartland, came out with a huge positive response from long-time and new fans alike. You can watch Hudson RIGHT HERE.

As for this weekend's finale of Heartland Season 12… You definitely don't want to miss this one. All of the characters you love have a part in this finale and, whoever your favorite may be, there is something for all of you!

There will be a lot going on in this episode so be sure to be ready for it and save the date. That's this Sunday, April 7th at 7/7:30pm on CBC Television and streaming on CBC Gem! If you want some sneak peeks, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Youtube for the newest videos!

As always, here are a few photos from the upcoming episode and we hope to see you this Sunday!

Don't miss an episode of Heartland on CBC Television and stream it on CBC Gem!

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Find HEARTLAND online:

Stream all episodes | | @HeartlandOnCBC

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