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Introducing the 2023 Calgary Stampede Board of Directors & Elected Officers.

Updated: Apr 12


The Calgary Stampede has been an iconic symbol of volunteerism, community spirit, and western values for more than a century. As a calling card for our city and a gathering place for the community, the Stampede is a place where dedicated volunteers and employees work hard to welcome our neighbours and guests from around the world.

Amongst these volunteers is our Board of Directors. These unpaid volunteers contribute their time to govern the affairs of the Calgary Stampede each year. The 2023 Board of Directors was voted on by Shareholders at the 2023 Calgary Stampede AGM on March 23, and is comprised of 29 elected or appointed Board members. Read more about each of our Board members here.

Volunteering more than 300 hours a year each, and leading the Board, are President & Chair, Will Osler, First Vice-Chair, Stuart O’Connor and Second Vice-Chair, Cherie Copithorne-Barnes.

Along with the entire Board of Directors, they are dedicated to maintaining the western heritage and local traditions of Calgary, while creating and building new connections by incorporating the diverse cultures of our city.

Calgary Stampede Elected Officers (left to right): Cherie Copithorne-Barnes, Second Vice-Chair; Will Osler, President & Chair of the Board; Stuart O'Connor, First Vice-Chair

Canvas Auction Celebrates 100 Years of Chuckwagon Racing at the Calgary Stampede

The world’s first Chuckwagon Race was staged at the Calgary Stampede in 1923. A true throwback to the wild west, the event was inspired by the tradition of cowboys breaking camp and racing home. While some of the rules have since changed over the past 100 years, the rush has never left.

“This has been a goal of mine ever since I was a little kid,” says Wade Salmond, a second-generation Chuckwagon Driver who will be experiencing racing at the Stampede for the first time in 2023. "This is clearly the Stanley Cup of Chuckwagon Racing."

Salmond is one of two Stampede rookies joining a lineup of 27 of the best drivers in the sport who will be at The Big Four Roadhouse on Thursday, April 13 for the Canvas Auction. Short of hopping in a wagon, being a part of this exciting sport as an advertiser is one of the most authentic Stampede experiences available.

"As a Stampede Chuckwagon Advertiser, you're going to have exclusive behind-the-scenes access for your clients and colleagues to come back to the barns, meet our family, meet the crew that travels up and down the road with us and more importantly, meet the horses, the equine athletes that do the work,” says Salmond. “You can see for yourselves how much they love the sport, how much they love the attention. It's an experience that is second to none."

In addition, the support the drivers receive through the auction is essential to supporting their teams at the Calgary Stampede and throughout the racing season.

For the second year in a row, the Canvas Auction is a ticketed event open to the general public. Following the live auction, you can rub elbows with Salmond and the other drivers before listening to an incredible concert by Canadian country supergroup Nice Horse.

The Canvas Auction marks the kickoff and the countdown to the Calgary Stampede. While the 10-day festival is packed with excitement, there are few events as beloved as the Cowboys Rangeland Derby Chuckwagon Races.

Get in on the action and start the kickoff to the 100 year celebration of Chuckwagons at the Calgary Stampede on Thursday, April 13, at the Canvas Auction. You can sign up to become a bidder, purchase general admission tickets or learn more about the event here.

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