Jim Cressman Is The Man Behind Invictus Entertainment Group.

Jim Cressman, the man behind Invictus Entertainment Group. I’m Here With’s voted most Handsome Canadian Agent! The man behind the Invictus Entertainment Group has been certainly noticed by many, he creates stars and helps talent grow! Here is a Q& A on this influential pro Agent for Canadian Talent!

When did you start being an pro agent?

I always had an affinity for music. I knew I wanted to be close to it, and I always had an aptitude for negotiation, numbers and I prided myself on being relatively articulate. I wanted to apply those attributes to fostering artists to fulfill their dreams, and by and large - we’ve been successful at that.

What do you do?

Promoting and producing music, I run an agency, label and a music publishing company. We’ve produced and promoted hundreds of concerts. We’re focused, but diversified and driven to facilitate the unconquerable artistic spirit -hence our moniker - Invictus Entertainment Group.

Who have you worked with?

Jim has worked, produced and promoted concerts with Bob Dylan, John Mellencamp, Carrie Underwood, Jason Aldean, Luke Bryan, ZZ Top, Maroon 5, Rihanna, Florida Georgia Line, Brad Paisley, Backstreet Boys, Kiss, Motley to name a few big names. We book and manage the likes of George Canyon, Brett Kissel, Dan Arnold, Charlie Major, One More Girl, Aaron Pritchett. I’ve produced 3 films for CMT Canada, HBO Canada and Movie Central featuring Canadian music in the sound tracks and appearances/acting from artists we manage.

Jim is a passionate and kind soul, he loves to see talent thrive and help influence as much as he can in the music industry. Jim works with many stars and has helped garner many awards for his talent. he attends the CMA’s each year. Jim is regarded as one of the best and most known agents in Canada and boy does he also look good doing it!

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