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Metis Singer Song Writer Joey Pringle Releases Devils Game

Updated: Jul 24, 2019

Photo by Kevin Stenhouse for this years print edition! Joey was a part of our Uncovering 40 New Stars of Tomorrow spread!

Joey Pringle a Canadian Metis Blues Singer & Songwriter Releases Devils Game

When you first see Joey Pringle you go, who is that?! You instantly want to know more about the 6 foot tall Manitoba Metis blues singer-song writer. Joey's signature dressed in black look resembles a modern-day Elvis. They both come from Indigenous heritages, Pringle is Cree Metis and Elvis was Cherokee. What else they have in common is how they both shake their legs like crazy when they perform. What people love most about this thirty’s old soul, is he’s a excellent singer! People will stop talking and really listen to his booming yet controlled rasp which makes you want to hear more. He has been working hard for years to sustain his love of singing and performing, he moved from Birch River, Manitoba to pursue his blues singing and song writing career. Joey built a big following especially online. We first met Joey through Allan Stickel, Neil Enock and Paul Fry at a boy’s night out almost two years ago. We all had the pleasure of listening to a solo song right at the table, that he played for his dear friend Allan Stickel, who past away in 2017. Joey made a truly gorgeous blues song about his friend James Allan moments after the news of hearing he had past which he called Heaven's Hero. He said it just poured out of him, it truly honors who Al was and it brings people to tears because it's very relate-able to anyone who has lost someone. Joey is a registered SOCAN member and is in the mist of making his first CD for his fans who keep telling him it’s time and they want a Joey Pringle record! His latest song Devil's Game sounds like a Quentin Tarantino soundtrack song!

People really love this guy! We have seen it first hand. The ladies love him and the men want to start learning guitar and singing because of him. Joey has been seen in media all over Alberta this year from his fans pushing him, to magazines wanting him on their covers, including us! He was a part of our 40 Inspiring Stars of Tomorrow who are making it, and he shares his advice to people just starting to achieve their dreams. He speaks about being a Canadian musician while also being a good person who never gives up your talent. You will have to get a copy in a Chapters/Indigo/Coles to see what he shares! Joey has a full page next to Olga Sem and has a very deep in thought serious look that Kevin Stenehouse captured. We met a long time friend of his at a show in Drumheller that was in awe of Joey's performance. He shared with us how proud he was of his small town buddy making it in the big city and couldn’t wait to see where he goes!

Joey has been making a big name for himself anywhere he plays. Maybe it's his booming soulful voice! Joeys professional yet laid back easy going personality, mixed with his aggressive Country Blues style has people talking and always coming back for more performances. The troubadour grew up in the small town of Birch River with his single father and brother. His father was a Band Constable working with the RCMP, bushman and musician. Joey has always looked up to his Dad for working so hard to make ends meet and enjoyed watching him play music from behind the stage at his gigs. It was there where he started to grow his deep love for writing music and entertaining. Joey has been in four films this year, he is enjoying his acting opportunities as well.

His new recording on Sound Cloud is out, take a listen!

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