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Leader of Tomorrow in Kelowna Fashion with Julie Skinner

Updated: Jul 16

Fashion: Learn to Love Through Self Care and Styling with Julie Skinner.

Meet Julie Skinner, the Kelowna-Based Stylist and Fashion Model Who’s Redefining the Industry.

Photography by Dou Photography in Kelowna collaborating with local designers.

As a fashion enthusiast, Julie Skinner has always been passionate about dressing up and making a statement. With a career in hair extensionism, makeup, and a passion for styling, she decided to pivot and start her own business, JS Signature Style, during the pandemic.

From Hair Extensionist to Stylist and Fashion Model

Julie’s journey into the world of styling and personal shopping began when she was just a young girl. “I’ve always loved dressing up and getting into a good outfit,” she says. “My friends would ask me for advice and help with shopping, and I would create outfits for them.” As she grew older, Julie’s passion for styling only intensified. She pursued a career in hair extensionism, which gave her the foundation she needed to eventually transition into styling and personal shopping.

But when the pandemic hit, Julie’s plans were put on hold. She started a boutique specializing in by-appointment one-on-one shopping and FaceTime shopping. As the lockdowns lifted, Julie began to style clients in their homes and deliver within the greater Kelowna area.

@jssignaturestyle by @douphotographysr

Green jumpsuit is originally from the former JS Extensions Co & Boutiques.

@jssignaturestyle by @douphotographysr

A Unique Approach to Styling and Personal Shopping with Julie Skinner in Kelowna.

So, what sets Julie apart from other stylists in the industry? According to Julie, it’s her personality and level of service. “I strive to make my clients feel heard, beautiful, and confident in their style,” she says. “I take the time to get to know them and understand what they’re looking for. I’m not just about making them look good; I’m about making them feel good.”

Julie’s approach to styling is all about creating a sense of self-confidence in her clients. She believes that fashion should be a tool for self-expression, not just about following trends or conforming to societal norms. “I want my clients to feel like they can take on the world when they’re dressed,” she says.

Collaborations and Partnerships

Julie’s business is built on collaborations and partnerships with local businesses in Kelowna. She works with smaller boutiques to help them gain a wider reach for their clothing, and she also partners with other stylists and makeup artists to create unique and exciting experiences for her clients.

One of Julie’s most memorable experiences was working with Wanderlust Stuff, a local fashion brand that needed help with a photoshoot. “I went shopping the day before the photoshoot for a little black dress,” she recalls. “And then I met the designer while shopping – it was serendipity! Using that dress in the photoshoot led to more doors opening up and collaborating with the brand on an exciting project six months later.”

@jssignaturestyle by @douphotographysr

Staying Up-to-Date with Fashion Trends

Julie stays up-to-date with the latest fashion trends by incorporating new pieces into her clients’ wardrobes while utilizing classic pieces that they already own. She believes that fashion should be fun and accessible, not just about buying the latest trends or following celebrity style icons.

“I love prints, matching sets, western with a twist, and charm necklaces and chunky jewelry,” she says. “These are some of the current trends that I’m seeing among my clients.”

@jssignaturestyle by @douphotographysr

White earrings from @renee.naomi.designs

Hair and Makup by JS

Get Julie’s look at @indulgeboutiquekelowna.

Q & A with Julie

Question 1: What inspired you to start your own styling and personal shopping business, and what was your vision for JS Signature Style?

I've always loved dressing up and shopping for clothes. When the pandemic hit, I had to pivot my hair extension business and decided to start a boutique offering one-on-one shopping services. My vision was to create a unique way of shopping that was personal and tailored to each client's needs.

Question 2: How did you gain your expertise in styling and personal shopping, and what was your first big break in the industry?

I think my passion for styling started at a young age, and I gained experience through friends asking for my advice on what to wear. My first big break was when I collaborated with a friend starting her clothing company, Wanderlust Stuff, and we did a photoshoot together. This led to more opportunities and collaborations with other brands.

Question 3: Can you tell us about your most popular services, such as your personal shopping experiences or bespoke styling packages? What sets them apart from others in the industry?

My services are personalized and tailored to each client's needs. I focus on making my clients feel heard, seen, and confident in their clothing choices.

Question 4: As a high-end stylist, you likely work with clients who have high expectations. How do you prioritize their needs and ensure that you deliver exceptional results?

I get to know my clients first and understand their story and "why now". I want to ensure that I can meet their expectations while staying true to my authentic self.

Question 5: What advice would you give to young entrepreneurs who are just starting out in the beauty and fashion industry? What skills or qualities do you think are essential for success?

Teachability is key, but personality is more important. You can't teach someone how to be themselves.

Question 6: How do you stay up-to-date with the latest fashion trends and beauty techniques? Do you have any favorite resources or inspirations that help you stay current?

I love incorporating new pieces into classic styles. I stay current by working with local boutiques, attending events, and following other stylists.

Question 7: What are some of the most memorable or rewarding experiences you've had as a stylist, and what made them stand out?

I love seeing clients come back year after year, and referrals from friends and family are the best kind of advertising.

Question 8: How do you balance your creative vision with your clients' individual tastes and preferences? What strategies do you use to ensure that everyone is happy with the final result?

I take photos along the way to show clients how they'll look in different outfits. This helps them see themselves in a new light and makes the selection process easier.

Question 9: What's currently in style in Kelowna, and what trends are you seeing among your clients? Are there any specific fashion or beauty must-haves that you're loving right now?

Prints, matching sets, western with a twist, charm necklaces, chunky jewelry, vests, sheer items, lace, sequins... focus on timeless pieces that can be mixed and matched with existing wardrobe items.

Question 10: Looking back on your journey, what do you think has been the most important factor in your success, and what advice would you give to someone looking to start their own business in the beauty and fashion industry?

Never giving up has been key for me. Overcoming fear of failure and following my heart has been crucial. Keep practicing, don't be afraid of making mistakes, and keep showing up!

Fashion Credits


Green Jumpsuit - JS Extensions Co. & Boutique

Sunglasses - Indulge Boutique Kelowna

Sparkle Heels - DSW Kelowna


White Leaf Dress - Audax Boutique

Earrings - Indulge Boutique Kelowna

Love Bracelet - Indulge Boutique Kelowna


Teal Floral Silk Dress - Indulge Boutique Kelowna

Earrings - Renee Naomi Designs

Tan Pumps - DSW Kelowna

Sun Hat - Indulge Boutique Kelowna


Lavender Cocktail Dress - Rosebud’s Designer Consignment

Sparkle Heels - DSW Kelowna


Green Sheer Dress - Indulge Boutique Kelowna

Earrings - Indulge Boutique Kelowna

Baby Pink Heels - Call It Spring

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