What is Plaid for Dad?

· Plaid for Dad is a fun and easy way for Canadians to show their love for dad and all the men in their lives, to build a world where no one fears prostate cancer

· Canadians wear plaid on June 19 to raise funds for ground-breaking prostate cancer research

· To date, the campaign has raised over $2.7 million

You can win a Virtual Coffee for up to 10 people with Plaid for Dad Ambassador, Eric McCormack! Every workplace that raises $1,500 or more by June 30th will be entered to win.* You don’t want to miss out on this amazing opportunity to share a virtual coffee — and some conversation — with this great Canadian! Get inspired — watch and share Eric’s Plaid for Dad video.

What is different this year during a worldwide pandemic?

· The world looks different this year and connection is more important than ever. Even though we may no longer be in traditional workplaces, Plaid for Dad continues to create a meaningful way to come together with colleagues and connect over an important cause.

· 1 in 9 Canadian men will hear the words, “you have prostate cancer.” As impacts of COVID-19 are felt around world, our work cannot afford to slow down. That includes our ongoing investment into ground-breaking prostate cancer research that will improve and save lives.

Why plaid?

· We chose plaid because it is a fun and easy way to get workplaces involved around Father’s Day

· Many Canadians have plaid in their closets already, so this is an easy way to get involved

How can Canadians get involved?

· It’s easy – wear plaid on Friday, June 19, the Friday before Father’s Day

· Register your workplace at to start fundraising

· Share photos of yourself wearing plaid on social media using #PlaidforDad

· Send an e-card at

· Honour a special dad in your life by adding his name to our tribute wall when you donate

· Shop for dad

This Hour Has 22 Minutes … of Plaid

Searching for some inspiration? Look no further than Mark Critch — Plaid for Dad ambassador and comedian extraordinaire. Watch and share Mark Critch’s Plaid for Dad video today!

Bootlegger’s Fundraising Promotion

Bootlegger is a huge fan of plaid — which is why they’re offering a $10 discount on all purchases from their special Plaid for Dad collection until June 19th*.

Visit and use promo code: #plaidfordad2020 at checkout. The campaign ends on Father’s Day, June 21st, 2020, at 11:59 PM PST.

If you’re a true Plaid for Dad aficionado, send your colleagues to your workplace page through the link below:

Why is Plaid for Dad important?

· We’re working toward a future where no one fears prostate cancer. Funds raised through Plaid for Dad help us do this by funding ground-breaking prostate cancer research that will improve and save lives.

Prostate cancer statistics:

· Most commonly-diagnosed cancer in Canadian men

· 1 in 9 Canadian men will be diagnosed in their lifetime

· 11 men die every day

· The survival rate is close to 100% when detected early, but only about 1 in 4 will survive when it is found late.

Don't have a plaid shirt to wear for your video calls on June 19? Then why not make your whole house plaid by changing your background?

Join us this Friday and go #PlaidforDad any way you want to help support families across Canada by being a force-for-life in the face of prostate cancer. Learn more at our website:

Participating in Plaid for Dad is a simple way to make an immeasurable difference in the lives of families who are or will be facing prostate cancer.

Sign up your office at and go #PlaidforDad on June 19 to be a force-for-life in the face of prostate cancer.

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Marla MacLeod Account Manager, Corporate Partnerships Canadian Cancer Society

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