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Updated: May 16, 2018

Photo by Satinder Kassoana of Julian Black Antelope a rising star out of Calgary who is Indigenous making Canada proud.

When did you start in the film industry, how did you first get into acting?

After a 10-year career in the Canadian music business, my transition to film and television was initiated on Stephen Spielberg’s 6-part miniseries Into The West (2005). From there I took a few different weekend workshops for Film & TV, and just started plowing through things and learning as I went along…mostly from making my own mistakes of what not to do!

What do you love most about being in film?

Bringing a writer’s vision to fruition, into a living breathing soul, being constantly in a state of creativity and completely “in the moment”. That's where we all need to be. That’s why I love acting, it liberates you.

What projects have you been a part of this year?

My own, (Laughs), seriously though, I’ve been focused pretty heavily on development of projects, writing and producing and the launch of 775 Media Corp, the Fantastic production company I’m proud and grateful to be part of! Great things are coming!

How was working with Benjamin Ross Hayden in The Northander? What was that like being on set, what did you get to do?

It was a lot of fun, and a lot of hard work at the same time as we all wore a few “Hats” on the show. Ben’s a really great guy to work with as an Actor and as a Stunt Coordinator, his energy never falters and his imagination is limitless! He’s got a lot of talent which is so nice to see in our community! I’ve been privileged to get a sneak peek at some of the finished product and it looks amazing!

Tell us more about your role in the show Blackstone, which is now on Netflix — congratulations!

Originally it was just meant to be a day player role, a quick in and out, but Ron Scott and the writers saw something they liked and decided to take a chance on me by building out my character in season 3 and keeping me on for the rest of the seasons. And that’s something for which I am and always will be truly grateful for. It was a blast playing Darrien Tailfeathers…in spite of him being such an asshole I’m actually going to miss that guy.

On the set of his project Consume with Director Mike Peterson in Drumheller on the Graham Historic Ranches (2017).

Jerzy Palacz with Juluan in Philharmonie Luxembourg, Oct, 2017.

What do you do as your hobby?

When I get time, I like to make traditional weapons and crafts, things like War shields, hand drums, war clubs. Its tedious work, but I love getting lost in the process. I also draw, paint, sculpt, and basically am always creating.

Tell us about your heritage and what it means to you now being a successful Indigenous Actor!

I’m a mix, a half breed. Half Irish and Half Native. Acting for me means being truthful art of acting, to the character and story and knowing where your character fits into that world, not always trying to make it about yourself. As for success? I guess that depends on one’s measure of it. Yes I’ve got a few things to “Write home about”, but I’ve still got a long ways to go for my list to be complete.

What are your favorite shows you watch?

Psychological thrillers, Drama, foreign films and the stuff that makes you think. Shows and films with content. Doesn’t matter what Genre, I love them all.

Tell us where you came from (born and raised)?

Born in Calgary at a Nun hospital where they took in babies that were given up in birth and placed into an adoption agency. From there I was adopted and raised a farm outside of Fort MacLeod Alberta, just a ¼ mile away from the Buffalo Jump.

What’s your sign?

I was born in the month of August. In the Chinese zodiac, I’m a Rooster, which is a Fire Sign. In the western zodiac, I’m a Leo which is also a Fire sign.

DAY 3 on True Fiction. "Julian Squared" Feb 2017.

Julian with his loving wife, Producer and Former Talent Agent Tracy Walaschuck.


Julian Black Antelope is a Canadian actor of Irish and First nation's decent who first entered the film and television arena in 2004 on DreamWorks/TNT's epic six part mini-series, Into the West (2005) alongside Canadian icon Graham Greene.

Since his arrival, Julian has studied under a variety of acting coaches but has made the most gains to strengthen and hone his craft by working extensively in various theater productions, TV series and feature films, in addition to a variety of other key production capacities that were sought out in order to obtain a comprehensive working knowledge of all aspects of the film and television industry.

Julian's background as a stunt performer has also proved invaluable in securing roles both nationally & internationally, by providing a unique skill set, which sometimes calls upon him to dually serve as a stunt coordinator.

Julian plays recurring characters on APTN's award winning hard-hitting Drama Blackstone(2011) and the Canadian crime series: _Bluff(2013)_, and has also Guest-Starred on CBC's: Arctic Air (2012) and Showtime/Sky TV's new British-American horror series: Penny Dreadful (2014) opposite Josh Hartnett.

Julian also plays a leading role in the upcoming 2015 TV series shot entirely in Ireland called Klondike for TG4/RTE.

Since 2008 Julian, has to his credit written, directed, produced and/or edited 14 independent short films and video documentaries including his most recent role as co-producer on the full length sci-fi/art house-dramatic feature film Empyrean (2016).

Julian Black Antelope continues to work Nationally & Internationally as an Actor, Stunt Performer/Coordinator as he continues to use his talents, skills and creative muscles to break down barriers and take on new challenges as he enters the developing and producing arena with new project concepts for the big screen and broadcast.

Julian currently resides in Calgary Alberta Canada with his loving and supportive wife Tracy and their three beautiful children, where his instinctive ties to Blackfoot culture and value system is what keeps him balanced in life and work.

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