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Sheridan came into our tight knit team eager to have a big impact and she sure did. Another amazing first performance by a rising star. February's Dog is the film you have to check out this spring. This is Alberta made for Albertans. - Paul J. Chinook

‘February’s Dog ‘ and the plot centres around two oil field workers that get laid off and struggle with the false promise that they will be rehired in three months’ time. The struggle leads to depression and a dark ending.

It is based on what many in the region of Alberta have faced do to the economic struggles because of the falling oil industry during this time period.

The cast and crew have filmed in various locations including at Marv’s Classic Soda Pop Shop  and AG Foods in Black Diamond, the Powder Horn Saloon in Bragg Creek, CL Ranch, and in around Calgary and Okotoks and High River.

The film stars Paul J. Chinook, Quinn Teechma, Kevin Davey, Will Webster, Sarah Wheeldon, Dan McDougall, Doug Wilson, Sheridan Pierens, Felipe Paredes and Jill Maria.

Quinn Teechma as Emily Walters and Sheridan Peirens as Tamara

February's Dog Directed by Candace Gonzalez and created by Paul J. Chinook, will be in Alberta theatres this year. Stay tuned for the trailer.

February’s Dog takes place in Alberta in modern time and is set against the beautiful and iconic backdrop of the Canadian Rocky Mountains under a shroud of winter snow.

It follows 2 uniquely different, yet typical men. Dale Walters (Paul J. Chinook) is a very charismatic and lighthearted man that works hard to enjoy a life of adventure and excitement. Nigel Loggins (Kevin Davey) is a military veteran that is quiet and calculated in his approach towards life. The film opens with these two men as they are finishing up work on a Friday. They get called into the office at the end of the day and are laid off by their boss Arthur Newbury; a very clean cut, to the point, middle aged manager. They are told abruptly by Arthur that this is just temporary, and that they will be back at work in 3 months as soon as market oil prices recover. Dale and Nigel leave and begin their own unique journeys in the world of unemployment. The Alberta economy turns very bad and the downturn lasts longer than anyone anticipated.

Tell us about your role in February's Dog 

My role is February’s dog is Tamara. I am Emily’s (Quinn Teechma) best friend. She is a nurse and also a social media model, a very supportive friend but also very into her phone a lot of the time. 

What was your first feeling about your character when reading the script?! 

My first feeling about my character when reading the script would be that Tamara is exactly like me. So the role was a perfect fit! I’m a huge social media queen but I am also the kindest person I care about everyone and my friends are my number one priority. I will do anything to help them and to make them feel better no matter what it is. 


 What was your experience on set like? 

This was my very first speaking role and I absolutely fell in love with being on set. Everyone is so welcoming and supportive. Lots of laughs were shared and it was very calming honestly. 

 What do you think audiences will think of the film? 

I think the audience will be shocked in a good way about the content but this will also touch a lot of people’s lives. Living in Alberta and the oil crash a lot of people lost their jobs and were severely affected. Being an addictions counsellor and seeing these issues almost everyday, it’s nice to see that these amazing people have gotten together and made something that is going to change the out look on mental health. Too many people now a days just wave off mental health like it will just go away. Being someone who lives with mental health issues everyday really appreciates this movie because it will create awareness.

What is your advice for new artists/actors?

My advice for new artists/ actors would be to just believe in yourself and your talent. There is so many people who will tear you down but stay strong and have faith you will get there. 

What hobby do you have that you think helped you with your role?! 

I’m huge into photography and promoting so being someone who is a social media model it was easy to tune into that side of me

What actors are you inspired by? 

 When did you first get into film and TV/ the arts? 

I first got into the arts when I was 8. I played musical instruments till I was about 14 then I joined a show choir and fell in love with music all over again. After I had my daughter at the age of 18 I went for my first head shots because everyone kept telling me I had the looks for modelling. I did some just free photo shoots for a few then signed my first contract. It gave me a new sense of confidence. 

What do you have coming up for 2020 in your life/career?!

I am very optimistic about 2020 I have nothing planned but I’m super excited to see what the future holds. I'm excited about the premiere in theatres, stay tuned all!

What is your social media for fans to follow you? 

You can find me on Instagram at @Danimodelling23



Starring and created by Paul J. Chinook as (Dale Walters Writer/Producer), also starring Kevin Davey as Nigel Loggins, Quinn Teechma as Emily Walters, Doug Wilson as Arthur Newbury, William Webster as Jedd Wilson, Sarah Wheeldon as Kate Carter, Jill Maria as the Store Clerk, Sheridan Peirens as Tamara, Dan McDougall as Pastor Frank, Felipe Paredes as Jimmy Walters, Scott Dumas as Fertility Doctor, Stephanie Wilson as Marv’s Diner Waitress and Marianne as Nurse Jean .

Production: Jose Luis Gonzalez Cinematographer, Directed by Candace Gonzalez and L&C STYLE as the 1st AD. Paul De Toit Schreve Sound Technician. Mardell Chinook Executive Producer.






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