WHO IS QUINN TEECHMA - Meet Calgary, Canada's newest Miss Universe Canada 2022 finalist!

Updated: Nov 13, 2021

Alongside being a successful business owner Quinn is currently set to compete for the illusive title of Miss Universe Canada 2022.


Meet Calgary's newest Miss Universe Canada 2022 finalist!

There once was a young actress name Quinn Teechma. She started expanding into the modelling world. She was really enjoying learning how to pose, and and what angles were all about. It was a whole new world, and a fun one! Fast forward years later, She was still enjoying the industry but felt she was missing something. A huge part of that, she realized, was the creative control of photo shoots. She thought about this, and thought about how so many of the amazing ideas she tried to bring to life, just weren't being showed justice by the photographers she was working with. It wasn't that the photographers weren't creating beautiful images... It was that their mind was imagining a different vision. It seemed to her - That the roll of the photographer held all the creative control. Held all the artistic power and the final outcome of the photos. Her response? She went out and bought a camera. Fast forward again, 7 years, 3 camera's, and a lot of work later. Queen Studios YYC was born.

It's no easy task taking on the roll of a photographer - Let alone entering the world of boudoir. There are many misconceptions around the topic of boudoir. Is it inappropriate? Is it porn? Many people think of the big hair, blue eye shadow, 80's glamour shots. What you're currently picturing couldn't be further from the incredible artwork Quinn Teechma creates at Queen Studios YYC. Quinn had a goal to find a career that she was not only passionate about, but one that empowered women. Quinn Works one on one with 3-5 women every week. No these aren't models, they are every day women. They come for their boudoir sessions for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it's a gift for a special someone, most of the time it's for a boost of self confidence. It's an opportunity to see yourself and your body from a different perspective.

As women, our body's go through so many changes, especially when we enter into motherhood. It's hard to look in the mirror and not love whats looking back at you. We are our own worst critics. Quinn's goal is to help women change the negative narrative they tell themselves. She wishes to give them incredible photos of themselves to look at and be proud of. Women are so busy comparing themselves to models in magazines who have teams of people behind them to create those perfect images. It's an unfair comparison. The average person doesn't have access to a team like that.

Quinn at Peace Bridge in Calgary. Experiencing the industry from so many different sides has given her a unique perspective and incredible experience. She's worked hard to build her all female team of professionals, ready to give any women an ultimate Queen experience.





There is something regal about Quinn Teechma. She carries herself with a grace few people manage to do. She is confident, sure of herself, and someone who is always seeking to help others. In our conversation, she was helpful and engaging as we talked everything from her fear of grey hairs, to her finding herself in her current profession.

She's incredibly striking when you first meet. Her eyes light up a room and she has an incredible smile and charisma to her. It's not a surprise that she is competing for Ms. Universe Canada in the fall. On top of that, Quinn pursues acting. She has worked in roles great and small and is continuing to do so. Right this minute the thing that excites her the most is seeing success in her photography career. This was the heart of our conversation.

The Inner Queen

Her evolution into her photography career came about two years ago when Quinn wanted out of her day job. Two months of researching, crying on the floor, and struggling to build her website before finding her pathway and finding success in her newfound career.

“I felt like I wanted to do something that genuinely helped and empowering people. I spent a large amount of time sitting and asking [myself] - what do I want to do? I sat down and started writing down all my skills, I wrote out everything that I enjoyed doing. What type of things that were important to me? I enjoyed helping people, I'm a creative person, and when I put them all together, I asked what am I going to do?

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It took me a long time to figure out how do I use photography to help people? I came across this part of photography that fit my skill, and it's been incredible to see where this path has taken me.”

The part of photography referred to in the quote is Boudoir photography. Contrary to the nineties glamour shots and Victoria's Secret reputation, boudoir has nothing to do with modelling. Rather, the women involved have little to no experience in front of a camera.

“The women coming to do these shoots are scared. They are nervous, and this is out of their comfort zone. A lot of the women I worked with are single mothers who may have come out of abusive relationships. As women, our bodies go through so many changes throughout our lives. I create for them an experience that helps them find their confidence. I help them discover their inner queen, and I capture it in freeze frame for them to cherish forever.”

The Process

The process is weeks long in preparation. Clients set up an appointment, and often about a week before the shoot Quinn has to talk them off the ledge of walking away. “Every single client usually about a week before calls me and tells me 'I can't do this' they are worried they would look fat. I would never take an unflattering photo of one of my clients.”

Marilyn Monroe is the story Teechma tells her clients. An article written in the time of Marilyn Monroe criticized her claiming that it was her clothes and makeup that made her the beautiful woman. In response to the article, Monroe requested a photo shoot be done with her in a potato sack. The shoot with Monroe in a potato sack was tremendous.

Teechma uses that story to point out that beauty isn't just in clothes. The person coming to be shot is already beautiful. Quinn is just trying to bring that out. When the nerves are settled, the day of the shoot arrives.

One of the goals of the shoot is to make women who have never been in front of the camera, come across as comfortable. As an experienced model, Quinn has an endless repertoire of hundreds poses to choose from. No matter what the circumstances of the client, Tecchma finds a way to highlight the inner queen of her charges. No matter who Teechma is shooting, whether they are wheel chair bound, are in their early twenties, or middle aged, each shoot is tailored to the individual woman, regardless of circumstance.

The women are given a professional makeover when they arrive, often for the first time in their lives.Once that is completed, Teechma walks these women through the poses they are doing, when they are comfortable with those poses, the shooting begins.

Clients afterwards are presented with their shots and see themselves in a new light. A new story has been told about them. One that will always be there long after the freeze frame is complete.

Finding that confidence is the goal of these shoots, and something Quinn lights up when talking about it. That mission propels her into all aspects of her life.

Origins of a Queen

There is something quite humble about lighting up a fire for a cast iron tub. For as long as she could walk, in order to have a hot water bath for those early formative years of her life, Quinn lit that fire herself.

Standard plumbing did not exist in the place Teechma grew up in. On top of not taking hot water for granted, her nearest sibling was nine years apart from her. Growing up on a remote island, a child among a sea of adults, it gives one perspective. These lessons and times shaped her.

“You have to make choices in your life where you can choose your opportunities for yourself.” In this the origin of creating opportunities for one's self drove Teechma to be more enterprising. Photography Changes The World.

It's not just women that Quinn is wanting to empower, but other photographers as well. Quinn has just launched her bootcamp called “Queen Collective – six figures in six months” to help photographers enter the industry and help change the world.

“I want to affect as many women as I can. Not just directly, but indirectly. Much like when she empowers women to find their confidence, she wants to do the same for photographers. During her launch of the business, Quinn studied a ton of information and used it to create a system to help photographers find their path and pursue their business. She wants to minimize the suffering of photographers seeking their answers. No one should be crying on the floor for two months. If there's one thing I can say for sure, is that she's serious, and she's willing to help.

For more information on the bootcamp, and how you can become involved check out Quinn's website at If you want to talk to Quinn herself you can find her on practically every social media at either @quinntecchma or @queenstudiosyyc.

Who is Quinn Teechma?

Someone confident enough to pursue her dreams, and is trying to help others do the same.



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Miss Universe Canada 2022 Finalist Quinn Teechma

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