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Adam Tubat photography @adampaul27 April 10, 2022, at Craft on 10th Ave YYC.

The @designergolovinaelena fashion show was one of the highlights of the evening at @craftbeermarket for the @sos_childrens_villages charity event by @quinnteechma and @navkhiljie

April 10th, 2022 Calgary @sos_childrens_villages event.

@quinnteechma brought the film community and the pageant community together and it was a smashing success!

@quinnteechma is wearing a custom design for her @missuniversecanada finals pageant in May! This is the second time Quinn has walked for Elena in Calgary!

April 5 in Calgary.

Quinn: It's so incredible to me to be meeting more people locally who are collaborating and supporting one another. There is so much happening right here just in Calgary! I can’t wait for all the events this year! It was an honor to speak today! Thank you for having me, Maria Tatiana Gimenez Paolo Manan-Oliveros, Precious P. Jorca, Mandylaine, Solana, Trish Soner, Vangie P Caoile, Vangie Fons, Alan Sergio Isidoro Anne Estrabo Reyes Naj Iren Sherwin Ancheta Asjali.

The Filipino community recently invited Queen as they called her all night, and Quinn was so thankful for their support. Their very big network has embraced Quinn as an inspiration to many of their young daughters competing in many pageants in Calgary and Canada. Quinn was a real star on the red carpet of The Magic Ball by All Season Decor recently.

Sponsor Reals Talks With Nav


Miss Universe Canada 2022 Finalist Miss Canadian Tourism International Women’s Empowerment Boudoir Photographer


@QuinnTeechma "What an incredible day with incredible people! I want to thank every person that came out to support my fundraiser for SOS Children's Villages International SOS Children's Villages Canada yesterday! I am so proud to be competing for Miss Universe Canada.

"It’s not just about the crown, it’s about the journey to and beyond. I am meeting so many wonderful people, I know we will have lasting friendships and together we can have a positive impact. Thank you for being a part of this journey with me." Sponsored by: Nav Khiljie, Hmua Sydney Thornton, Aprille Lu Raffi, Jundee Jay Navarro, Paolo Manan Oliveros, Jac Quiee and Elena Golovi. .

Quinn with @realtalkwithnav sponsor Nav Khiljie

"We were delighted to present: Miss Universe Canada Finalist; Quinn Teechma & ‘The Queen Project’. Help us raise awareness and empower our youth; Guests had the opportunity to partake in a silent auction, consisting of some very desirable items and vacation packages, as well as guest speakers.

Nav saw the amazing work @quinnteechma was doing in the community since the summer and he recently got connected to her and now he is helping sponsor and support her!

Photography by Armand M. Flores, make up by Aprille Lu Raffi. Sponsored by: Nav Khiljie / Real Talks with Nav.

Quinn: One thing I've learned recently is that the more I fail, the more I learn, and the more I lean into fear, the more I accomplish.

Failure is something we are all scared of at times but, it is what makes us human as Oprah once said "Think like a queen. A queen is not afraid to fail. Failure is another stepping stone to greatness.”

Alan Sergio Isidoro and Quinn Teechma by Adam Tubat photography @adampaul27 April 10, 2022.


Quinn's Miss Universe Canada finalist pageant shoot by @volumatic D Ballingall.

@sos_childrens_villages started in Canada in the 1960s. Canada may be a wealthy and industrialized nation, however, there are an estimated 45,000 children who are considered orphans due to parental neglect, abuse, or the complete absence of parental care. This is where supporting SOS Children’s Villages has become so important to Quinn. Quinn has set her mind to gathering that support with this event she’s organized.

Quinn's Miss Universe Canada finalist pageant shoot by @volumatic D Ballingall. I'm Here With is proud to share about this extraordinary woman I want to introduce you to. She has been on an incredible journey working to help orphaned children from Calgary and then hopefully taking her message of hope for these children worldwide as she vies to represent Canada as Miss Universe. When I first met Quinn Teechma I was amazed at her entrepreneurial skills... But what I did not know is the emotional connection that we both would share. When I found out that Quinn’s was working to help orphaned, abandoned, and adopted children, I was stunned. You see, I was one of those adopted children and I wanted to share what Quinn was doing with you and many others... So, meet Quinn Teechma. An ‘under 30s’ professional with her own photography business, who is passionate about helping others.

@quinnteechma - When a child loses everything, SOS Children's Villages is there to give them a family and a home. They try to provide them with all the things a normal family would do: food, clothing, education, medical care but most of all, hope. In every Children’s Village, groups of orphaned or abandoned children are cared for in family homes by an SOS mother. And that’s what I want to be, even though I am not a mother. I believe every child needs to belong to a family, and grow up with love, respect, and security to live happy healthy lives. I know this firsthand. And so, if I can help others achieve that, I will be ‘the happiest’. And I hope as @missuniversecanada and Miss Universe. @quinnteechma Thank you very much for supporting this story about Quinn Teechma, our friend, a community volunteer, and maybe Miss Canada or Miss Universe later this year.

Adam Tubat photography @adampaul27 April 10, 2022.

Scroll through all the lovely photos of the Pilipinas Canada Models who did an amazing job at the fashion show supporting @missuniversecanada finalist @quinnteechma and her Calgary fundraiser for @sos_childrens_villages

Photography by Adam Tubat April 10, 2022 at @craftbeermarket. @adampaul27

The Pilipinas Canada Models Faye Awan, Donabella Esperida, Eureka Mamaril, Mary Louise Ednriga, Kyla Isidro, Beyonce Balagatas, Trish Soner, Grail Rosita with Quinn Teechma Calgary's Miss Universe Canada finalist during the Fashion Show Fundraising at the Craft Beer Market ... #pilipinascanada

Adam Tubat photography @adampaul27 April 10, 2022. Eureka Mamaril wearing a modern Filipiniana, designed by SCI. @aga_academy @eureka.mamaril

Adam Tubat photography @adampaul27 April 10, 2022.

Big thank you to the talented Partick Nicholson and Jim FlaathenPhotogrphy.

Adam Tubat photography @adampaul27 April 10, 2022 of Quinn Teechma

Co-Host Paolo Manan- Oliveros and Quinn by Adam Tubat photography

Just days after Quinn was given an award!

April 12th 2022

@quinnteechma: Thank you so much for welcoming me with open arms. It is important to me to connect with my community and work with individuals who are making a positive impact. I am so proud to be working hard together for such an amazing cause SOS Children's Villages Canada SOS Children's Villages International. Thank you for the award and continued support.

Peerless Training Institute: Let’s just not FLY but SOAR HIGH. Peerless Training Institute Takes Pride in Excellence and Generosity to Aspire to Inspire. As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility, PTI is very Proud to Sponsor the SOS Children’s Villages Fundraising event hosted by Quinn Teechma-Miss Universe Canada 2022 Finalist! Thank you Quinn Teechma for your outstanding humanitarian activities, thanks for visiting us with the Appreciation Plaque, It Means a Lot!

It’s not possible for us to help everyone, but if we can inspire everyone to do their part, Change is Inevitable!! Let’s do our part❤️‍. Kudos to our Area Marketing Manager Ms. Jundee Jay Navarro for bridging the gap.



What are your interests and what do you enjoy doing the most?

I enjoy good conversation and growing my knowledge by connecting with interesting people. You never know what lesson someone can teach you or what impact you could have on someone else.

Name one person, other than your parents, who has had the most influence on your life. Why?

I am so blessed with not just one, but two wonderful sisters. Next to my parents have had the most influence on my life. I have watched and learned from their mistakes before mine, I have leaned on them for love and understanding. They have been and will always be there for me no matter what.

What is your proudest personal accomplishment (other than participating in this pageant)?

My proudest personal accomplishment so far is that my photography business made over six figures in the first six months of operations, during the first year of Covid in 2020.

What is your career ambition and what are you doing or planning to do to accomplish that goal?

My ambition is to grow both of my businesses and be a self-made millionaire before the age of 30. I am not afraid to hire a good team to help expand my business at an exponential rate. Success does not have to be a lonely road.

Describe where you were raised and what your childhood was like.

I grew up on a remote island just off the coast of Vancouver Island called Lasqueti. I did not have a traditional childhood. We lived off the grid with no luxuries, including power or plumbing. We lived off the land and grew almost all our own food.

What do you hope to be doing in ten years?

I hope to be utilizing my financial makeup and had a radical change in our society. Far too many are suffering from starvation and poverty. I believe this is a broken system that is fixable. The world’s richest 1% have more than twice as much wealth as 6.9 Billion people. The reality is fixing global poverty and starvation is possible. It’s just not being fixed by the people who have the means.

Thank you Sponsors: Real Talks with Nav / Nav Khiljie, Felipe Gonzalez : Armand M. Flores/ Profolio Photography : Aprille Lu Raffi Makeup

600K on Tiktok Miss Universe Canada 2022 Finalist Miss Canadian Tourism International Women’s Empowerment Boudoir Photographer @queenstudiosyyc

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