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Photos of Jacquline and Bill are by Laura Parron at the YES TV station in Calgary. Cinematographer and editing by Matt Allen, Production Assistant Brittany Beata.

TCF4 Productions (TCF4) is a Canadian-based production company located in Calgary, Alberta.​ It was founded by husband-and-wife team, Bill and Jacqueline Clements, in 2012. With Jacqueline’s experience in acting and interviewing people, and with a passionate desire to give people’s stories center stage, she and her husband shaped the vision of uniting message and media which led them to launch their own production company.​ Their tagline, “Purpose Driven. Life Inspired”, is at the core of their desire to produce wholesome entertainment for the whole family.​ Take away the lights, the cameras, and all the action and at the core of who Bill and Jacqueline is a genuine desire to inspire people of all ages to live authentically with purpose.​

TCF4 has produced several TV shows including, Wheel Sharks, Bolivia: Treasures Within, which are both airing on Amazon Prime as well as Tubi, and In the Jumpseat with Jacqueline and Grandma’s Goodies with Jacqueline with have been airing on Telus Optic on Demand. In May 2023, In the Jumpseat with Jacqueline was picked up by a national broadcaster, YES TV, and is now airing nationwide multiple times per week. TCF4 also has an exciting new TV show that will be announced in the next few weeks that is scheduled to premier nationwide on YES TV June 2023. Watch social media for more announcements coming soon!

Photos by Laura Perron.


Jacqueline is the Co-Founder of TCF4 Productions. Jacqueline is a TV host, producer of: In the Jumpseat with Jacqueline, Grandma's Goodies with Jacqueline, Bolivia: Treasures Within, and Wheel Sharks​. She is also a radio host of Stories of Hope on AM700 The Light and podcast host of Only We Matter. One of her mottos: “You are never too old or too young to start something new”.

Their new show Legacy Makers with Jacqueline & Darrel premiered nationwide on YES TV on June 21, 11pm /MST Western Canada. Find their show on their youtube channel.

Photo by Laura Parron at YES TV Calgary station.


Bill is a co-founder of TCF4 Productions and has an entrepreneurial spirit and strong work ethic which adds strong stability to each project. Bill has done commercials, print and voice-over work and, although no stranger to the camera, he prefers to be off camera ensuring productions run smoothly and on budget.​ Bill is an Executive Producer of Bolivia: Treasures Within, and Producer and Director of Wheel Sharks, In the Jumpseat with Jacqueline, and Grandma’s Goodies with Jacqueline.


How did you meet?

We met at college but ran in very different circles and, even through we were in the same classes, never actually met until we were both elected to the Student Executive Council at the end of our first year. What is important about this is that even though we were, and still are, very different from each other, it was our working together (on the Council) that brought us together and where our relationship was established. It is not a coincidence that now over 35 years later, we are working together as partners not only in life but in business.

How did we get married?

Our relationship started during our time on the Student Executive Council, but it was after a truly miraculous recovery from what should have been a fatal health crisis for me, that our relationship really grew. The following summer I drove from just north of Toronto to Grande Prairie non-stop with a ring in my pocket and proposed the afternoon I arrived. After graduating from college, we got married in Penticton, British Columbia, in May 1989.

Photo by Laura Perron during In The Jump Seat With Jacqueline on YES TV.

What is the lesson I have learned from God about my relationship with Jacqueline?

There are many things I have learned and many I continue to learn. That is maybe one of the keys – there is always room to grow and learn, even after being married for 34 years. Unless you are intentional about your marriage and put in “the work” and keep it a priority, it will not last. Of course, the most important part of our marriage is our commitment to keep God at the centre and absolutely the top priority in our lives as individuals and in our marriage relationship. I am sure you have heard marriage described as a “cord of three strands” where it is by keeping God at the centre of the relationship that enables a couple’s love to continue to grow. Again, this will not happen on its own – you need to be intentional about this. Finally, even though Jacqueline and I are very different, I have come to learn that it is our differences that make us stronger together. As Aristotle said, “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”. Together we can achieve more. This is true in our marriage but also why we work well together as partners in business. At the end of the day, marriage, like a lot of things in life, is not easy or necessarily fun every day but it comes down to a choice to honour the vows that we made before God to each other 34 years ago and allow the tougher times to strengthen our relationship rather than weaken it and understand that it is only because of God that we have the marriage that we do!

Seer her in our print issue in Chapters, now with cover star Luke Azevedo.





@jacqueline_clements_ is a Canadian star out of Okotoks, Alberta, who is an actress, producer, host, and production company owner with her loving husband Bill Clements.

Recently, they have inspired a new section for the magazine called Faith Based. We have been working with Jacqueline for over 10 years. She has always reminded us that God loves us all and to always act with integrity.

Unknown to most, we owe a lot of spiritual gratitude to her and her family. The Clements' are one of the few Christian families we know in TV and Film in Calgary who aren't afraid to share that. They offered to help us with our soul and relationship with God 3 years ago, right before we went off to meet our birth family in Romania. It was the first time going home after being adopted over 30 years ago. Jacquline and Bill's son is a pastor in Alberta, and he and their immediate family came as well after going to church with them, to re baptize and help us be reborn again. We have cried and laughed and shared our hearts with Jacquline. We adore who she is and to watch her on TV!

We are so proud of this family, Jacquline and Bill. Their shows have been wildly successful and are in an array of genres. We can't wait to see what else they have coming up for their production company!

We also can't wait to share stories of faith-based artists with people she helps chose from her network! Last year we had faith based couple Kevin and Sam Sorbo @sam_sorbo photographed by @volumatic Darren Ballingall. Jacquline and her husband have been in our pages from the first issue in 2015.

See them in our next issue!

Watch her shows:

@inthejumpseatwithjacqueline @boliviatreasureswithinshow @wheel_sharkstvshow



Lesia Tyra Bear's episode is one to look forward to on Legacy Makers on YES TV.

Jacqueline and her crew; she is directing and producing with TCF4 Productions for the documentary to come for Davinico Entertainment.



Thanks to Robert Melnichuk for his support.

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