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Get Cooking with the Stars - Celebrity TV Host Laurie Belle

Celebrity Host, Actor, TV Chef, Spokesmodel, Book Author


What was your dream as a child to achieve in your life?

I was very creative and always active as a child. I loved the stage, being in the centre of all the action or in front of an audience. I was very immersed in the arts, dance, sports, skating, theatre.

Locklyn Munro of Riverdale and more with Host Laurie Belle

Tell us the story of when you first took steps to start your dreams and career. How did it happen?

My career started with modelling as I was scouted out by an agency in my teens which led to commercials, editorials, and travel globally. I studied film/tv acting in Vancouver, Los Angeles. I always had the greatest agents guiding my career. My agent Lloyd Talent helped develop my career in entertainment hosting on red carpets,fashion week, olympics which led to Leftcoast TV, an entertainment magazine show I created,hosted and produced. Shortly after I was blessed through an opportune chance at a dinner at Tojos, I was invited by Chef Tojo to meet/ interview magnanimous star Gene Simmons, KISS Band at TOJOS restaurant the next day. This TV appearance led to my creation of my next tv series development (Get cooking with the Stars).Currently, I am in development of my series celebrity cookbook filled with recipes from the Stars and Executive chefs.

ALEKS Paunovic with laurie Belle. @promotion.people Mark your calendars - the release of the award-winning horror comedy feature film ‘Puppet Killer’ will exclusively screened at Regal September 21st. ‘Puppet Killer’ has garnered an impressive 73 nominations and 30 awards and is labelled as a film that is “destined for cult status”.

Star Aleks Paunovic and Host Laurie Belle cook up a delicious Medtierrean feast at Dinakis Grill, with Chef Sadat Noori. Watch on:

How has COVID effect your business and career?

Our third season was halted and restaurants were greatly impacted thus funding has been a big issue;however, I took the time to learn new skills: Gardening,canning and weekly hiking to new spots with my sister provided me with a serenity and balance, I also used the time to further develop my cookbook. Thankfully my family was safe and we have a strong support system that helped us through. Where are you at now with your passion, dreams and life? I am excited to be in our third season of the show with my new kitchen studio and just recently had Rock Hall of Fame, rockstars 54-40 Neil Osborne, Kandle Osborne (A Family Curse) on the show as we whipped up ( Chicken Korma). CW Batwoman Star Jesse Hutch joined me and talked about his role as Agent Tavaroff, and created Karai Paneer which will be in my cookbook and the episodes on air soon. We are talking with tv networks about distribution,Licensing and further development of my show, and cookbook. I would actually love to do more appearances, acting roles when opportunities arise. I recently was interviewed on the Christine Blanchet Show-Run with it about Get cooking with the stars, cookbook, and we made fruit smoothie popsicles.

Gene Simmons at TOJOS Filming with Laurie Belle and the Kiss Band

How many times have you gone for your dream and had to take a break, went full into it and then started something continuous or new? Excellent question. I have had many restarts, stalls and halts due to many facets out of my control, however, my perseverance, entrepreneurial attitude and a great team spiced with a dash of luck and opportune moments have enabled me to forge ahead. In the end my mantra is if it's meant to be, it will happen.

Series Celebrity Cookbook with TV host Laurie Belle AND TAMMY GILLIS.

@realtammygillis on get cooking with the stars @lloyd_talent @chek_news @novusnow #actors#celebrity #cookingshow #Beautiful Girls #interviews #Winetasting #Chardonnay, #makeup #hair #nails @torreshellenmuartistry @maiyanails. Share an encouraging quote from you to the fans about achieving your dreams. Always strive forward as the inevitable challenges you encounter are opportunities to innovate and prove that you are meant to be on the path that you so desire.


Host/Executive Producer/Created by

Laurie Belle

Photo Credit: Hellen Torres, Hair and Makeup

Karyna Barros- Stylist, Wardrobe, Accessories-

Earrings-C+C California, Dress on Host-Nanette Lepore.

Sevdin Macdonals interviews laurie Belle Agent -Lissa Lloyd, Lloyd Talent

Publicity Inquiries- The Promotion People, Lesley Diana

Sponsorship- Executive Producer: Remy Gil rgill@iconadinc,

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