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Rising Calgary star QUINN TEECHMA is known for her role in February's Dog as Emily Walters, Hell on Wheels (TV Series) as Sanfransican Woman and Project HLR (TV Mini-Series short) as Laundry Girl.

Quinn stars in February's Dog with creator Paul J. Chinook

QUINN is incredible as the leading lady in February's Dog! She really gave it her all and you can see she did the work and loves acting! - I'm Here With

February's Dog Directed by Candace Gonzalez and created by Paul J. Chinook, will be in Alberta theatres this year. Stay tuned for the trailer.

February’s Dog takes place in Alberta in modern time, and is set against the beautiful and iconic backdrop of the Canadian Rocky Mountains under a shroud of winter snow.

It follows 2 uniquely different, yet typical men. Dale Walters (Paul Chinook) is a very charismatic and lighthearted man that works hard to enjoy a life of adventure and excitement. Nigel Loggins is a military veteran that is quiet and calculated in his approach towards life. The film opens with these two men as they are finishing up work on a Friday. They get called into the office at the end of the day and are laid off by their boss Arthur Newbury; a very clean cut, to the point, middle aged manager. They are told abruptly by Arthur that this is just temporary, and that they will be back at work in 3 months as soon as market oil prices recover.

Dale and Nigel leave and begin their own unique journeys in the world of unemployment. The Alberta economy turns very bad and the downturn lasts longer than anyone anticipated. Dale and his wife Emily Walters live out in the country on a beautiful property. Emily is the brains of the family and takes great joy in caring for her manchild Dale when she is not verbally sparring with him with her comically sharp wit. They have worked hard and played hard in the past to achieve and maintain the lifestyle of their dreams complete with trips and toys. Dale continues to enjoy his days drinking and

amusing himself with projects around their place until work calls him back while Emily continues to work

long days at the hospital as a nurse.

This film is uniquely shot and directed. It starts off light and comical and proceeds at a breakneck pace through chaos and turmoil and will expose the audience to a complete and thorough roller coaster of emotions. We watch noble men stumble and fall, we are unexpectedly blindsided with unseen catastrophes, darkness washes out the light, lives are altered painfully and permanently right before our very eyes. This film will leave the viewer with thoughts and feelings that will require them to process. This film will spark meaningful conversations about mental health. This film will create an impact from which valuable support for those in our world that are going through what the film depicts. Numerous mental health experts have reviewed the script of the film and have verified the truthful depiction of depression and stress and the alarmingly rising toll they are taking on a growing number in our society.

Tell us about your role in February's Dog 

I was lucky enough to have played the role of Emily Walters. Emily is a very special human she is very hard working, very determined, very compassionate. There's a lot depth to who she is in her core, a lot of layers. It took me awhile to really figure her out, she isn't just your typical small town farm girl ya know? Her character really goes through a lot of different changes throughout the movie. I think there will be many things while watching, that people will see and relate to. I connected with Emily on so many levels, it was really important to me to put myself into her shoes, truly empathize and feel her emotions. I was very thankful that I actually had been through some very similar experiences as Emily, that made it much easier for me to emerge myself in her world. To me, Emily was not just a character, she is a real person. Someone going through many life changes and experiencing real feelings. She challenged me and pulled things out of me that helped me see the truth of who she was deep inside. I can only hope that others get the opportunity to watch this film and feel those feelings even a fraction of the amount I myself did.

@lncstyle Directing and Shooting

What was your first feeling about your character when reading the script?!

​I immediately was so drawn to her. When I first read the script it was shorter and I had no idea I was going to be cast as Emily Walters. That being said, I felt so close to her, I felt like she was calling to me right off the pages. By the time I finished reading, I was so attached to Emily and her story within the script​. Emily has so many experiences that not only myself, but so many others have gone through. Reading it, then portraying It, and further watching it really puts it into perspective. I'm so lucky that I got to connect with her on so many levels and I can only hope that I showed it on screen in a way that people can connect with my portrayal of her.

@lncstyle Directing and Shooting

What was your experience on set like?

It wasn't my first time on set, but every time you're on set is new, and every set is different! We were so blessed to have the absolute dream team for this movie. From our filming crew to our craft services everything and everyone involved were incredible! Everything flowed well, there was funny moments and scary moments like when our director of photography Luis got a burning ash right in his eye mid shoot! All in all I was thankful for every part of our team, I met some truly incredible people and made some lifelong friendships.

What do you think audiences will think of the film?

My biggest hope is simply that people can connect and relate to it. The film touches on a lot of very sensitive topics including but not limited to men's mental health. If our film connects with even one person to help them with their struggles, I would be happy. There's so many people struggling in our society right now. So many people feeling alone like no one understands what they're going through. I hope when people watch this film they see that they aren't the only ones, that they aren't alone in this crazy world we live in. February's dog is not simply a movie, it is a movement.

What is your social media for fans to follow you?

My social media is my full name and the same on every platform @QuinnTeechma feel free to like follow and contact me!

@lncstyle Directing and Shooting

What is your advice for new artists/actors?

There are a couple key things you must follow if you want success in this industry. The biggest? You got to want it and you got to go for it. No one is going to make this happen for you. If you want to be involved in the film and television industry, get ready for hard work. It isn't going to be handed to you. Start studying, no matter how much natural ability you have, there's always room for improvement and new things to learn. The best way in my experience to learn, is to do. If you have absolutely no idea where to start, start by connecting with other people in the industry. Join Facebook groups, start asking questions, find a local agent. A great place to start if you don't have a demo reel or any on camera experience is to self-tape! You can self-tape anything; start with a monologue, maybe even your own short film! This is not only a great idea so that you do have a demo reel of your own, but also so you can watch yourself and learn! Watching yourself is always going to be a bit uncomfortable and weird, its very important when you're learning though. Watching yourself on screen will help you with so much, it will help you learn the angle of your face and body, it will help you see how your movements look on camera vs how you felt them while doing them. Everything is different on camera, study on camera acting and get used to how different your movements will be. Over all though, just make sure you're having fun! Focus on enjoying every moment and following your passion, the rest will come.

What hobbies do you have that you think helped you with your role?!

What a tough question! As I've mentioned a few times now, there are so many layers to my character Emily Walters, just as everyone has many layers. I would say it wasn't really a hobby that helped me most but my ability to relate to her so well. My past relationships and life experiences helped me connect and understand her mindset. I'm originally from BC and I've been living in Alberta for about 8 years since 2012. My time in Alberta was essential in relating to Emily, she is a true Albertan sweetheart. Without living in Alberta and first hand experiencing everything that people here are going through, I don't feel as though I could have done her character the justice she deserved. Alberta's struggle is right now is very real and affecting so many people. Hopefully this film can shed some light on that.

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What actors are you inspired by?

Another loaded question with simply too many answers! I honestly try to learn and take something from every actor and actress I see on screen. Being that I was born in the 90's, I feel very lucky, I feel like through my life the advancement of film and acting has been so interesting. Just the technological side of things has been incredible to watch change over the past couple decades. I have been inspired by seeing all these changes, seeing all these worlds and opportunities open up. The industry was so different twenty years ago. It was beyond inspiring watching so many now influential actors, careers blossoming as I grew up! I am the same age as Dakota Fanning, I remember watching her in war of the worlds and just thinking how bad I wanted to do what she was doing. Getting to see her grow through movies and age along side of me, but in different rolls and characters was a very unique experience for me.

There isn't time to go through all the actors I find inspiring; I'll name a couple of the ones that were more early on connections for me. Sandra bullock specifically in Miss Congeniality, this was such an iconic film for so many people, although silly at points she really portrays what it means to be a strong independent woman. This type of female ideal is important for young girls to have growing up. Also Kristen Bell, while at the time not so famous, I fell in love with her in the original tv series Veronica Mars. I along with many was so devastated when it was cancelled. Despite the abrupt end, this was another example of an incredible actress who I got to watch grow and go on to become such an influencer in our current society. Bell is such an inspiration not only on screen but real life, her and her husband Dax Shepard seem like truly good people. They really seem to want the best for everyone, that's something I can get behind from any standpoint, actress or just average person.

When and why did you first get into film and TV/ the arts?

My first experience of professional training was an on camera acting class with Adrian Hough. He taught me the basics, where your camera frame is, how you need to make your movements smaller on screen than in theatre acting, great improv techniques, and most importantly when you're just starting out---how to slate for the camera. I have always been so enthralled seeing how things come to life in film! How you can create a reality that is sometimes not possible in "real life". On a deeper level I would have to say that Natalie Portman said it best in her master class. Acting is the true act of Empathy. For that time on screen, that time in the theatre, you're feeling everything your character is feeling and sharing it with your audience. I love people, I love understanding people, I love connecting with people. This industry is so uniquely special in that you get the chance to experience so much and share it with the world!

What do you have coming up for 2020 in your life/career?!

I feel a shift for a lot of people coming into 2020, myself included. For me, 2019 was a great transitional year, I traveled a lot, learned a lot, and grew a lot. Going into 2020 I am confident that there will be many exciting opportunities for me, the release of February's dog mainly! I am also lucky enough to have been selected as a finalist in Miss Canada Globe 2020. I look forward to working hard in 2020 to accomplish all my goals and really evolve. My main goal is to be a positive influence, to connect with people and take on the opportunities life throws at me in this New Year!


Starring and created by Paul J. Chinook as (Dale Walters Writer/Producer), also starring Kevin Davey as Nigel Loggins, Quinn Teechma as Emily Walters, Doug Wilson as Arthur Newbury, William Webster as Jedd Wilson, Sarah Wheeldon as Kate Carter, Jill Maria as the Store Clerk, Sheridan Peirens as Tamara, Dan McDougall as Pastor Frank, Felipe Paredes as Jimmy Walters, Scott Dumas as Fertility Doctor, Stephanie Wilson as Marv’s Diner Waitress and Marianne Hutchings as Nurse Jean.

Production: Jose Luis Gonzalez Cinematographer, Directed by Candace Gonzalez and LnC STYLE as the 1st AD. Paul De Toit Schreve Sound Technician, Camera Operator Derek Wilder and Mardell Chinook Executive Producer.


The film has created friends along the way! We all support another and share how important mental health is for us all!


Stay tuned for the trailer!









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