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Robert Melnichuk: A Canadian TV Trailblazer

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Canadian television has gone through a major transformation over the past few years. Audiences are craving more authentic, local programming, that is both inspiring and informative. One of the key players in this shift is Robert Melnichuk, Director of YES TV, Western Canada, and host of his own show, ‘This Is Your Story.’ In this article, we will explore the profound impact Robert has had on the Canadian TV industry and take a closer look at his media work.

Early career

Robert was born in the city of Toronto in 1960 and developed a passion for storytelling in his late teens. After graduating from Master’s College and Seminary, Robert soon became involved in radio and TV. After a successful southern Ontario radio broadcast and weekly TV guest panelist, his career in media expanded at Crossroads Christian Communications by producing a 2-minute weekly broadcast clip on people of influence in the marketplace. He then produced and hosted a weekly program called ‘whatido’ and then went on to produce and host a nationwide live 90-minute daily call-in show. Associates quickly realized that Robert’s true calling was in communications.

2023 Calgary Stampede with wiife Cindy Melnichuk who works for Cross Roads Media in Calgary.

In 2012, Robert was approached by YES TV (Crossroads Television System) to be their western Canadian Director for both Calgary (CKCS) and Edmonton (CKES) stations. With his keen eye for quality programming and his passion for producing content that connects with audiences, Robert quickly established himself as a key player in the industry.

YES TV in Western Canada

Since Robert took the reins in western Canada for YES TV, the local stations have become a go-to place for faith-based programming and inspirational stories from across the Western provinces. Under his leadership, YES TV has expanded its footprint in western Canada and continues to offer a balanced mix of entertainment, original programming, talk shows, documentaries, and religious content.

One of the most notable programs on YES TV is ‘This Is Your Story,’ which is hosted, directed, and produced by Robert with a 3rd party production company in Alberta. The show features riveting interviews with everyday people telling their stories of overcoming tremendous obstacles in their lives.

This Is Your Story

‘This Is Your Story’ is a ‘one of a kind’ spotlight on a person’s spiritual transformation from darkness to light – the moment when everything changes! Robert's conversational and investigative style creates an intimate connection with each guest as they relive their adversity, addiction, and ultimate acceptance.

The show has continued to expand its audience and has been particularly popular with viewers who seek inspiring programming that impacts their personal lives and can be shared to influence others. Robert believes that each of his guests are the message!

Photo by Larua Perron in Calgary.

Community Impact

Robert's impact on the Canadian TV industry is undeniable, but what is equally impressive is the impact he has had on the communities served. As director, YES TV has participated in key local sponsorships and Robert’s program and social media presence has brought communities together in a way that few other media outlets can, creating a sense of common ground and shared experience.

This was particularly evident during the COVID-19 pandemic, where television had become an even more important lifeline for individuals and families. Robert had responded to the crisis by producing content that offered tremendous hope and inspiration, even in the darkest of times.

Final thoughts

Robert’s passion for storytelling and his commitment to producing quality programming has connected with audiences over the landscape of the Canadian TV industry. His work at YES TV in Western Canada and ‘This Is Your Story’ has inspired countless viewers and has created a platform for individuals to share their stories and be heard.

As Canadian TV continues to evolve, it is thanks to visionaries like Robert that we can look forward to a future filled with meaningful and impactful programming that speaks to the heart of who we are as a nation. As YES TV promotes, ‘the best is YES to come!”

Robert Melnichuk

Director, YES TV Western Canada

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