W. Brett Wilson

His outside catered charity event is legendary for having the finest people attend with live entertainment that has everyone dancing. There is an overwhelming amount of people each year that try to attend and support. Brett being just who he is, has many fans and supporters who believe in his event, which helps raise hundreds of thousands of dollars each year. Is there anything W. Brett Wilson can’t do?!

Most of us know W. Brett Wilson as one of the stars of Dragon’s Den, but he is more than a successful investment banker; he is also a highly regarded Philanthropist. He mainly invests in the energy, agriculture and real estate sectors, primarily through his holding company, Prairie Merchant Corporation. But he’s seen in the media for supporting many different causes and charities through the year. Brett hosts his own, dear to his heart, almost famous Annual Garden Party attended by more than 500 of his family, friends, staff, clients and partners in late June in Calgary.

In 2016 his Garden Party rose over $400K for Adolescent Mental Health. Funds raised were divided between the Canadian Mental Health Association (Calgary), Juno Foundation (Eating Disorders), Calgary Counseling Centre (Adolescent Mental Health) and Wood’s Homes (Eagle Moon Lodge for Aboriginal Youth). In 2014, he helped raise $350K in support of three groups addressing mental health. This year Brett focused directly on mental health (or mental wellness as he calls it sometimes) in all its forms. He has chosen a total of eight causes with more info and links below – all of which are changing the lives of people who suffer with mental illness. The programs being supported: The Canadian Mental Health Association – Calgary(CMHA), Juno Foundation (Eating Disorders), Calgary Counseling Centre (Adolescent Mental Health), Wood’s Homes (Eagle Moon Lodge for Aboriginal Youth ), Silver Linings Foundation Calgary (Eating Disorders), Dare to Care (Adolescent Mental Health), EDSNA (Eating Disorder Support Network of Alberta) and The Children’s Hospital Foundation (Mental Health Literacy). This year’s entertainment lineup was amazing to dance to. Brett Kissel was back headlining! More amazing talent includes, John & Jacob, Sara Staples, Christian Hudson, Sam Lundell, Jaxon Smith, Sykamore Jordan, and Oscar Lopez also performed! Wilson and his guests helped raise $500,000 in June 2016. He has been supporting a handful of causes and business in Calgary in 2016, he’s one of the people in Alberta that has helped moved the Province forward. In December (2016) “A Musical Christmas” event was hosted by Wilson. An evening filled with more incredible talent, love, laughter and festivities that rose over $110,000, for the Veterans Food Bank in YYC. He continues to lend his support all year round annually.

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